5 Tips to Make a Successful Movie Teaser

Importance of a Teaser/Sizzle Piece

Every movie should have a teaser or sizzle piece to entice potential viewers to go see you film. You can create your movie teaser before or after you are done filming.  One reason to create a sizzle piece before you actually film is to get investors to finance your creative endeavor.

The important thing is to always have it uploaded onto the internet so you can show someone. You never know when the right person will walk into your life so always be prepared with a great log line and a killer movie teaser you can show them on your smart phone.

5 Important Elements of a Successful Teaser

  1. Make sure it captures your genre. Remember content is king but content is queen. That means if it’s a comedy, make sure your teaser is funny and makes your audience laugh. If it’s a suspense thriller, make sure you convey suspense. If it’s a romance, make sure you include a romantic moment that speaks to the heart.
  2. Keep it engaging, short and moving from clip to clip.  Many successful sizzle pieces are actually 50 seconds. The standard Hollywood teaser is 2 minutes or shorter.
  3. Use music that plays to your audience and elicits the desired emotional response. Make sure it’s professional and blockbuster quality music.
  4. Don’t give away the story.  Just wet their appetite. Show them enough to entice them to come see the movie.
  5. Include some of the best or most exciting shots in the teaser. If you have stars in the movie, make sure you include them in the teaser.

Here’s a sample movie teaser I did for my film Photo Finish. Some film festivals actually contacted me to submit my film to their festivals after seeing it on social media sharing sites.

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