8 Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Film at a Film Festival

Come Prepared to Network at a Film Festival

Once your film is accepted to a film festival, you want to make the most of the opportunity to promote yourself and your film because there will be influential people there. Distributors and film industry folks look for filmmakers who can promote themselves and their films because it shows that you are in tune with the business of Hollywood and you have what it takes to make it.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way that have worked for me and others in taking their film careers to the next level. If you know these networking secrets ahead of time, you’ll come prepared and be able to shine and make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

8 Secrets to Promote Yourself and Your Film

1.   Show up and show off.  Dress to impress so you feel good. When you feel good,  you look good and you’re more apt to feel confident and talk to others.  Be yourself.  Be engaging and engage others. Don’t be shy or let your mind take you out of the game.  Everyone is there to network and meet people, and that includes meeting you!  If the press is there interviewing people, introduce yourself as one of the filmmakers so you get interviewed.

2.   Bring tons of business cards to hand out and make sure to ask people for their business cards.  Send follow up emails and/or call the people you met so you can build on the relationships and begin working together.

3.   Bring a full size movie poster of your film and put it up in the movie theater where the film festival is taking place.  People look at movie posters in deciding if it’s a movie they want to see and film festivals encourage you to post them where your movie is screening.

4.   Bring one-sheets with your film and the time it is showing.  It is basically an 8 1/2  x 11 of your movie poster with the date, time and place on it.  You will be able to put those out on a table for people to take so they will see your film.  Make sure the one-sheet is professional, colorful and dynamic to capture their attention.

5.   Bring postcards with your film information on it to hand out to the press and people in the film industry.  You can get stacks of them made with generic log lines, images and contact information and then print and add labels on the back of the postcard with the time, date and place for each festival showing as needed.   This is a common practice in the independent film festival circuit.  You can also add the official selection icons to your postcards.

6.   Bring a camera and take pictures of everybody.  Post them on your websites and social networking sites and tag the people you met.  Hollywood is about publicity and people love to see themselves looking glamorous, especially stars.  It is also a great way to break the ice when you meet someone.

7.   Make sure you have a teaser or movie trailer for your film on Youtube so you can bring it up on your smart phone to show people to showcase your talent and entice them to see your film.

8.   Have a packaged DVD of your film ready to hand to influential industry people who cannot make the screening of your film.

Written by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved


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