How to Dress and Look Like a Star at Celebrity Events

Own Your Own Star Quality

If you find yourself on the red carpet or at an event with celebrity stars, make sure you dress for success.  You only get to make a first impression once.  So whether you’re a man or a woman, don’t be afraid to put on your best attire and strut your stuff so you wow them and turn heads.

Wardrobe Tips

Here are some tips to help you look the part of a celebrity so you feel good and garner attention.

For women, wear something flattering to your figure with a little color so you stand out against the backdrop where you will have your professional photograph taken.  A black tie or fancy cocktail dress that shows a little skin will do the trick.

For men, wear something chic like a hip black suit or tux (depending on the dress code).

Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you wear.

Wear fancy shoes.  Believe it or not, people look at your feet.

For women, wear soft make-up so you look natural.

For women, wear your hair in a soft up-do or styled down.

Tips to Amplify Your Magnetic Personality

Always smile.  Smiles go miles and it helps to amplify your magnetic personality. When you smile, you shine and naturally attract the attention of others.

Be confident and engaging.  Don’t be shy. Talk to everyone, including celebrities.  It’s okay to be a social butterfly at these events.  You are strutting your stuff and networking with like-minded successful people.

If you are shy, bring a camera and take photos of the people you would like to talk to.  The moment you snap their photo, they turn their attention to you and smile.  It’s a great ice-breaker.

Maintain a positive attitude and expect miracles.  Remember, you earned the right to be there and you belong.  So own it!


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Written by Beth Rosen, Photo of Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved


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