How to Own Your Own Star Quality

Taking Front Stage

If you want to be a movie star or any of the other coveted roles in Hollywood, you need to own your own star quality. How do you do that?  You can’t be afraid to take front stage and strut your stuff.

Stage fright is common, even among famous celebrities, movie stars, pop artists and television personalities. So what if you experience a little fear. Successful people act in spite of fear.

5 Tips To Own Your Own Star Quality

1.  Be confident. People who exude confidence naturally attract the attention of others.

2.  Become an expert in your craft.  Experience builds confidence so practice practice practice until you’re perfect.  There’s a saying “perfect practice makes perfect.”  When you feel like you’ve mastered your craft, you will naturally emanate that to others.

3.  Find avenues to take front stage.  Perform for an audience so you get accustomed to being in front of people. If you are an actor, join acting groups. If you sing, get some singing gigs. If you are a musician, join a band and perform in public.

4.  Be natural, be authentic, be original, be engaging and be entertaining.

5.  If you make a mistake, laugh it off and make a joke about it, especially if you have an audience.  People love to laugh and they’ll think it’s part of your act.  The most important thing is not to beat yourself up if you make a mistake. Correct and continue.


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