The Importance of a Movie Teaser To Raise Money for Investors: MegaBall$

Words of Wisdom From Marc Baron, Writer/Producer/Filmmaker/Director/Actor/Musician/SAG-AFTRA Board Member

In our efforts to raise finances for our comedy, MegaBall$, we felt it was imperative to have something visual to offer potential investors. After all, film is a visual medium. We didn’t want a trailer, and came up with a ‘teaser’ – something to show we could shoot effectively while demonstrating our sense of humor.

We took a piece of a scene from the screenplay,  found the perfect location near Silvercup Studios, Queens, NY, found two volunteer actors who ‘looked’ the role, and shot this in 1 hour using a Pentax K-S DSLR with a tripod (no sound, no crew), then edited using Sony Vegas Platinum HD.

At one point we were stopped by a Transit official who wanted us off the tracks. We got the okay to be next to the tracks, then changed the camera angle to hide the move. We’re fairly happy with the result, and it was worth the $50 we spent making it. 

MegaBall$ Movie Teaser

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copyright © 2012 by Marc Baron … thank you Marc for your contribution!


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