How to Become a Movie Star

Still Waiting for Your Lucky Break?

If you’re serious about becoming a movie star, then you need to start acting in movies now. How do you do that? I’m going to cut to the chase.  You act in your own movie.

The old fashioned way is stand in line for hours auditioning for small roles that will eventually lead to larger roles, assuming you land the part in each audition.  Then you can search for an agent and hope to get your lucky break. In fact, many people spend years on the path and see very little to show for it.

You Can Star in Your Own Movie Now

But if you write and produce your own movie, you get to act in it.  You can take a starring role, a co-starring role or a cameo appearance.  The point is you get to strut your stuff on film – no auditions, no agents, no lines, no waiting.  You call the shots!

If you can get your movie into film festivals, then you will gain instant access to decision makers in Hollywood and start networking directly with them. If you’ve got a good film that showcases your talent, you’re sure to get their attention.


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