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The Importance of Music in a Film Score

Great films have great music scores. There’s no doubt about it. Music has the ability to heighten an emotion and draw the audience further into the world of the characters. Music comes in many different genres and a good filmmaker uses music to create drama, comedy and suspense.

Decide what kind of music would fit best in your scene and then you can (1) create it yourself if you are a musician, (2) hire and pay someone else to create the music and/or (3) obtain a license from the copyright owner of the music you want to use in your film.

The price of the license will depend on the music you choose and the popularity of the song and/or artist.There are many places online where you can purchase royalty free music loops. If you do not know the specific music you would like to use but you have a general idea, you can search data banks of royalty free music loops and sample them.

FREE Royalty Free Music Loop

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