Meeting Likeminded People on Set: Opening More Doors

The Gift of Being on Set

The moment you work on a movie, your life will change forever.  If you’re serious about breaking into Hollywood, then you should leap at every opportunity to work on a film, especially with seasoned actors, producers, writers and crew members.  You will not only learn from the experience but you will make extraordinary contacts in the business. 

Networking with the Right People for Future Projects

It is not uncommon for movers and shakers, including the executive producers who finance film projects, to show up on set.  Get to know the people you’re working with. You inevitably meet like-minded creative and you’ll also be able to get up close and personal with famous actors and seasoned crew members who know how to shoot a professional film. Chances are you are part of their future and vice versa.  It’s an incredible opportunity to network and learn from the best in the business. 

So always be positive and friendly.  Become a go-to person: the kind of person who instantly solves any perceived problems. This will make you stand out among others.  Stay focused on the current film project but also keep an open mind about upcoming future projects. You’ll be surprised how many people who are working on the current project may be able to help you with your next project. You may even land an unexpected role in the movie.


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