7 Ways to Conquer the Creative Block When Writing a Screenplay

Creative Blocks

It’s very common for writers to get a creative block so don’t worry if you encounter one.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Creative blocks are really not blocks at all. They’re actually building blocks. Sometimes you can look at something so long that your mind gets locked into one vantage point and myopic vision can blind you.  If you can’t think of anything else and you’ve been staring at that blank page for a long time, chances are you put yourself in a box and the truth is there is no box.  There’s no need to limit yourself or your mind.

A creative block is actually an invitation to play with creative energy.  Sometimes you may just need to change your angle of vision and another creative burst occurs effortlessly.  So don’t get stuck on yuck. Learn to go with the flow. When you do, you’re likely to ride another creative wave that can take your script to the next level.

7 Ways to Move through a Creative Block

Here are 7 ways to  move through a creative block.

1.  Stop what you’re doing and do something else.  The moment you do, you relax and allow the creative energy to flow through you unobstructed. 

2.  Forget about your screenplay and either go for a walk or exercise to shake off the block.  Physical exercise stimulates the brain and your creative juices.

3.  Call a friend and talk about anything and everything.  Sometimes conversation can shake those cobwebs loose and your friend may say something that triggers a new direction in your screenplay that is just pure genius. 

4.  Do something fun or something you like. When you’re in a good mood, your creative energy goes through the roof.

5.  Watch television, a favorite movie or some Youtube movie video clips.  Visual stimulation in the field you are working in is a sure fire way to get your brain firing in the right direction.

6.  Search your memory banks for good moments from your past. See if you can incorporate anything from your past into your screenplay. 

7. Let go of the screenplay for as long as it takes until you get a creative flash of genius.  That creative flash may be a snapshot of your film on the big screen in the future and it can propel you forward at warp speed in writing your script.

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