Becoming a Production Assistant on a Movie May Land You a Role in It

Direct Experience is the Greatest Teacher

You can study, read books and take courses to get up to speed but there’s certainly one thing that will catapult you to warp speed success and that’s experience.  There’s no doubt about it, direct experience is the greatest teacher.

So if you want to break into Hollywood and you get the opportunity to become a Production Assistant on a film, especially if it has award winning actors, writers, producers and/or directors, thank you’re lucky stars because you are that much closer to becoming one yourself.

As New York Times  #1 best selling author T. Harv Eker says, “80% is just showing up,” and as I say, “the other 20% is showing off.”  That means strutting your stuff, being a positive high energy person and becoming indispensable on set as a go-to person and getting things done.

Not only will you learn tricks of the trade while you’re on set, but you will meet like-minded people in the film business who can help move your career along.  There’s also an additional juicy benefit and that comes from just being in the right place at the right time. What is that you may ask.  Well, believe it or not, you may be casted in a role in the film, especially if you’ve proven yourself and you stand out to the writer, director and/or producer.

Success Stories

Congratulations to live wire Morgan Weinstein (photo above left) for her hard work as a Production Assistant and being casted as a dead woman, and Line Producer Elana Mugdan (photo to right) for her unwavering dedication and getting casted on the spot as a cult member and giving one of the best shot and killed performances that day. You guys rocked it!  The film is Scavenger Killers, co-written and produced by critically acclaimed independent film producer Kenneth Del Vecchio, co-produced by Beth Rosen (me) and directed by Dylan Bank.  The film stars various Academy and Emmy award winners/nominees, including Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia and Charles Durning, and is scheduled to be a red carpet premier at the 2013 Hoboken International Film Festival May 31st.

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