David Chappelle in the Actor’s Studio – What’s Wrong with Hollywood

David Chappelle talks about making it as an actor, becoming famous in Hollywood and his trip to Africa.  As David Chappelle says, “You can’t get unfamous … you can get infamous.” He also notes that you have to be very strong to make in Hollywood so brush off the rumors of people being “crazy.”  Sometimes it’s just the environment.

I always say, “If you can’t make sense of it, then make fun of it.” That’s why it’s important to maintain your sense of humor – and you can see from the video how David Chappelle has mastered this.

Some words of wisdom on the video and Hollywood: no matter what anyone says, just make sure that when you play the fame game, you set your boundaries ahead of time so you can enjoy the ride. 

Article Copyright © 2012 by Beth Rosen, Video Courtesy of Bravo on Youtube.

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