Tips on How to Live Your Dream Now: From #1 Best Selling “Living Proof” Author Beth Rosen

You Have What it Takes to Make it in Hollywood

Never give up on your dreams.  If you really want to be a movie star, screenwriter or any of the other coveted roles in Hollywood, then get rid of all excuses and, in the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

The video above, “Running to the Light” by Beth Rosen, provides priceless enlightenment tips to help you transcend all negative thoughts so you can start running toward your dreams with unbridled excitement. The video is from the multi-media version of the #1 Besting Selling book, “Living Proof,” by “Secret” star and co-author of “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul” Lisa Nichols, and enlightened # best selling author, film producer/actress/screenwriter/songwriter/graphic designer/film editor/illustrator/radio personality/attorney/healer/yogi, Beth Rosen.  The video was written, produced, edited, acted by and filmed by Beth Rosen, who is now Vice Chair of the Hoboken International Film Festival, one of the ten biggest film festivals in the world.  For more information about Beth, please visit the About Page to this website.

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copyright © 2012 by Beth Rosen

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