The Magic of Green Screening

The Magic of Green Screening

Green Screens are often used in movie production to create various special effects.  I highly recommend purchasing one because it comes in handy during production. Once you learn how to use them, you will begin to expand your mind and take your scriptwriting to the next level because you will see how cheaply the most complicated special effects shots in movies can be created.

You can place your characters almost anywhere in the world without leaving your current set when you have a green screen. It is a very cost effective way to shoot foreign scenes, especially if you can get high definition stock footage to place in the background.  You can also create cool science fiction and fantasy shots using green screens. It’s really not as expensive as you think it might be.  Music videos are also notorious for using green screens and you can get really creative on one simple set if you know how to add different backdrops postproduction.

You can purchase a fairly cheap green screen on  I’ve included the link below so you can get started having fun with green screens.

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