Happy Holidays: 12 Days of Christmas 60% Off Online Movie Course

In The Spirit of Christmas!

If you ever dreamed of walking the red carpet and breaking into Hollywood, you’re in luck!  In the spirit of Christmas and in order to help aspiring writers, actors, directors and filmmakers get their start in film, The Back Door to Hollywood has slashed it’s online movie course for the next 12 days by 60%! That’s an additional savings of almost $1,200 off the already reduced price plus $5,000 in Free Bonsues!

If you or someone you know has always wanted to become a movie star or any of the other coveted roles in Hollywood, don’t miss this gift of a lifetime. It’s one that will keep on giving for the rest of your life. You have until December 25th to cash in on this incredible offer and fulfill your dreams or the dreams of someone you know. Click Here to Learn More and Register Today. Use Coupon Code: Holiday12 to Receive Your 60% Discount!

Learn How to Be in Movies Now

You can stop waiting for your lucky break and  learn how to be in movies right now!  This course is honestly a steal! You’ll discover step by step how to write, produce and star in your own movie and get It on the big screen from someone who has done it already: #1 best selling author, screenwriter, producer, filmmaker, actress, radio personality, attorney & Vice Chairwoman of the Hoboken International Film Festival, Beth Rosen. Beth just finished co-producing Scavenger Killers starring multiple Academy/Emmy/Golden Globe winners/nominees and is now in pre-production and starring in one of her own feature films which is being shot in February and scheduled to be a red carpet premiere at a top ten film festival.

She is involved in all aspects of film production, from the creative writing of the screenplay to producing, directing, editing and publicizing the film. You’ll get an insider look at what goes on behind the scenes and in front of the camera with secret tricks of the trade they do not teach in film school. Plus you’ll get access to Beth while she is actively involved in the filmmaking process. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. Offer is only good for 12 days and seats are limited.

Comprehensive Course

This is a one of a kind course replete with invaluable information designed to catapult you to success and get you up and running toward your dreams, including the following:

  • How to write a professional screenplay
  • How to do an elevator pitch to get the attention of the gatekeepers to Hollywood
  • How to produce a film and sizzle piece to showcase your talent
  • How to step onto the world stage and have fans falling at your feet
  • How to produce an independent film on a shoe string budget
  • Where to find free resources
  • Priceless filming and acting techniques
  • How to go viral on the internet
  • How to do green screen clips
  • Video tutorials on the basics of movie making to hone your craft
  • Step by step videos and instructions of how to create drama, comedy, horror and suspense
  • Hollywood hints and secret tricks of the trade to make a professionally polished film and create magical moments on screen
  • Case studies of blockbuster films
  • How to promote yourself and your film at film festivals, including press interview tips
  • Networking secrets on and off the red carpet to help you engage celebrities and industry people
  • Professional movie trailer tips and downloadable templates for DVD cover and slip cover creation
  • Press kit and film festival submission checklist
  • 100 free royalty free music loops for your movie
  • And much more!

Course starts again in January 2013!

Coupon Code

Make sure you enter Coupon Code Holiday12 to receive your 60% Discount from the already reduced price on the registration page. The price reduction will only appear on check-out if you enter the appropriate coupon code.

Hurry! Offer is only good for the next 12 Days! Expires December 25th.  You’ll save almost $1,200 and receive $5,000 in Free Bonuses for acting now!

Click Here to Learn More and Register Today.  Make Sure to Enter Coupon Code: Holiday12 to Receive Your 60% Discount!

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