Conquering the Creative Block

Learn How to Overcome Creative Blocks Instantly

Every writer gets creative blocks but what distinguishes them from the rest of the pack of want-to-be writers is their fearless commitment to move forward despite the momentary creative paralysis. Prolific writers see a blank page as an invitation to play and Beth Rosen is no exception.

Beth has written numerous screenplays, television pilots, children’s books and books on enlightenment.  She is also #1 best selling author, film producer, songwriter, illustrator and lawyer.  In her latest ebook, Conquering the Creative Block: The Writer’s Guide to Moving Forward with Ease and Grace, Beth reveals her own secret methods for overcoming creative blocks.

According to Beth, “creative blocks are not really blocks at all. They are building blocks.”  In her book, she breaks down the negative thoughts that most writers encounter and replaces them with fun power mantras that liberate the mind to create effortlessly. She includes never before revealed methods to help writers learn how to receive creative prompts instantly from the universe and how to turn creative flashes of genius into a masterpiece.

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