Outrageously Funny And Sexy! Another Brand New Episode From Chasing Fairy Tail: Bedtime Story

The Creators of Chasing Fairy Tail Did It Again!

It’s another sexy smash hit comedy that parodies fairy tale characters from #1 Best Selling Author, Writer, Director, Actress and Filmmaker, Beth Rosen

About Chasing Fairy Tail

The sizzling series is from #1 best selling author, screenwriter, film producer, actress and director, Beth Rosen, the creator of G-String Divas, Domenic Casillo,  prior manager of the Improvisation Comedy Club in New York and producer of various live events for Comedy Central, Gianluca Rizza, and President of Yoonify and leader of the groundbreaking expedition of the Titanic and docmentary series on the shipwreck, Christopher Davino.  The series pokes fun of fairy tales and the notion of living happily ever after. It features up and coming comedians and sexy models who nail the comedic roles.  It’s witty and creative with unexpected twists that are sure to make you laugh.

The first two webisodes (Happily Ever After and Blind Date) were released last week on the internet channel Funny Bone and they keep getting better The third episode, Blind Date, was release today and it’s hilarious. According to Executive Producer Christopher Davino, Bed Time Story is “another zany episode from the twisted, brilliantly creative mind of Beth Rosen.” According to Beth, there are five more webisodes on their way and they are “sizzling hot.”

Bedtime Story:  Bedtime Story is a parody of Rapunzel. It features television and film star Danny Boushebel (Anna Nicole, Homeland, Blemished Light, Drop Dead Diva, Brooklyn Beach, A Heart of Gold, Pan Am, Loveless, Law and Order, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Utter), Beth Rosen (Photo Finish, Scavenger Killers, Life Zone, Affirmative Act), Leigh Pacyna (model) and newcomer Matthew Salvatore. To watch, click below.

About the Executive Producers

Beth Rosen Beth is President/Owner of Signature Beth Productions LLC where she is currently in development and preproduction on several comedic media projects for television and film. Beth was the Producer/Screenwriter with Emmy award winning writer Mort Scharman of the film Photo Finish, which was nominated for Best of the Audience Award at Hoboken International Film Festival,  Co-producer of the film Scavenger Killers (starring various Academy/Emmy/Golden Globe winners and nominees, including Eric Roberts, Charles Durning and Robert Loggia), Associate Producer of The Life Zone,  An Affirmative Act and O.B.A.M. Nude, #1 Best Selling Author of “Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper” with Lisa Nichols (co-author of “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul”) as well as several children’s books and books of wisdom including “A Purrfect Day,” “Bear With Me,” and “From the Spirit Within.” She had her own radio show Spotlight on Rhino On Air Radio, by the arts for the arts and was Assistant Director of the Hoboken International Film Festival. She currently teaches screenwriting and film production online through The Back Door to Hollywood.

Christopher Davino Christopher is President/Owner of Osprey Point Advisors, LLC, President of Yoonify (a sports and interactive media/internet company)  and has over 23 years of experience raising funds for venture capital development projects and advising and running organizations in more than a dozen industries, including media and entertainment, retail, healthcare, technology, consumer products, gaming and transportation. He was the CEO and Member of the Board of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. While there, Christopher led a groundbreaking expedition to the Titanic setting new standards in shipwreck archeology, and secured international media deals with NBC,  A&E Networks and National Geographic Magazine to bring two documentaries (including one with James Cameron) containing 3D imagery from the Titanic dive to the marketplace. He was a Managing Director at top investment banking firms including Dresner Klienwort Wasserstein and Miller Buckfire Lewis LLC . He was also a Principal and Head of Corporate Rescue at XRoads Solutions Group, LLC and a Management Consultant at Zolfo Cooper LLC. He has served as a Member of the Board of Directors on various companies, including RMST, Inc, and Hirsch International, Inc.

Domenic Casillo Domenic Casillo has over 30 years of production experience in film, theater, video, live concert events and music, and is currently the Creator/Director/Producer of Avalon Media. He was the Creator and Executive Producer of the HBO documentary series G-String Divas, Naked Stages and the Latin Kings Discover America, a documentary about the famous Chippendale Dancers which was created for corporate release, Executive Producer for HBO American Undercover Documentary Series, Producer for Vive La Musica Tito Puente Tribute, concert and album, Producer for over one hundred films for Playboy TV, domestic and foreign, Producer, Director of Carmen Electra presents the NWWL, live event and video and DVD re-release, and Producer of Eve Ensler’s Floating Rhoda, starring Dylan McDermott. Under his creative direction, Avalon produced the Theater Tribute to Arthur Miller, featuring Dustin Hoffman, Eli Wallach and Ann Jackson.

Gianluca Rizza Gianluca took over operations of Budd Friedman’s famous Improvisation Comedy Club in New York, and was the Producer of countless Live Events and Shows with Drew Carey, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Jerry Lewis, Hugh Heffner, Bette Midler, Milton Burle, Jimmy Fallon, Robert Evans and many others. Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival run by HBO in Aspen engaged Gianluca to produce some of their biggest events. President of Empowered Artist, Gianluca managed and launched the careers of some of Hollywood’s top talent. Gianluca has worked as a Producer on several of the Avalon Media projects as well as on his own with National Lampoon, Comedy Central,  Warner Brothers, Universal, Bravo, AOL, Yahoo Entertainment, Real Networks, Burston Marsteller, Comedy Net, JTP Productions, Capazoo & Lion’s Gate.  He recently appeared in the TV show Bar Rescue.

The executive producers are currently in development on a full length feature film written by Beth Rosen and Emmy Award winning writer Mort Scharfman. The Chasing Fairy Tail Series is a precursor to the feature film which also pokes fun of fairy tales. Beth and her team are in development on several television pilots and more web series.

For more information, Please contact Signature Beth Productions LLC at info@backdoortohollywood.com.

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