Cyber Angels is here with a Cyber Surprise

Creator, Writer, director, producer, actress and #1 best selling author Beth Rosen has created another reality television pilot called Cyber Angels which puts smart tech goddesses into the limelight. As executor producer, producer, director and host of the show, she has put together an A-list team to bring her creative vision to life.

Her team consists of producer Howard Nash (Emmy nominated producer for television, award winning filmmaker, writer, director, producer whose  films have received both national and international distribution), co-producer Chris Davino (Former CEO of Premier Exhibitions/RMS Titanic Inc. who led the 2010 Expedition to Titanic, the subject of two History Channel Documentaries and the Cover Story of the April 2012 National Geographic Magazine), associate producer Maureen Panzera (President and Executive Producer at Brainstorm Ink, a 30-plus-year veteran in marketing, branding and creative design, she has been working in the entertainment field, designing award winning consumer packaging and creating program content), and associate producer and Assistant Director Brian Corliss (Office PA for Leopard USA, generated questions as a Researcher for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,”). Her corporate sponsors include the Lotus Salon, Ocean Transport and April Narby Photography.

While she is keeping the details of the show and the talent quiet, we’ve learned that filming has wrapped and she is in post-production as she gets ready to submit the show to a major reality production company. She promises that the show is a refreshing “cyber surprise” with extraordinary women geniuses who are already at the top of their game in their early twenties. For more information about Beth Rosen, please visit

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