Conquering the Creative Block

Conquering the Creative Block

The Writer’s Guide to Moving Forward with Ease and Grace

Learn Secret Methods to Conquer Creative Blocks Within Minutes

How to Receive Flashes of Genius that Will Fuel Your Writing Forever

From #1 Best Selling Author, Screenwriter and Film Producer, Songwriter, Attorney and Vice Chairwoman of Hoboken International Film Festival, Beth Rosen

The Book Includes:

  • Why every writer gets creative blocks and how to overcome them
  • Proven methods for conquering creative blocks, including fun power mantras and creative writing exercises
  • Never before revealed secret methods used by Beth Rosen on how to receive creative prompts from the universe that can turn your writing into a masterpiece
  • How to become a master at writing


“Beth is one of the most prolific writers I have ever worked with. Her writing is original, compelling and when appropriate very funny. She is fearless in her commitment to the writing process and immensely talented. Her perspective and approach to her craft distinguishes  her from the rest of the pack. Her work is skillfully crafted and story driven with completely flushed out characters, that bring her work to life.” – Domenic Casillo, Creator and Executive Producer of G-String Divas.

“First she was my writing student, then my writing protege, then my writing partner, then my co-writer and producer, and now a teacher of her own course. Is there no stopping her! I think I’ll ask her to partner with me in a television production class.” – Mort Scharfman, Emmy Award Winning Writer-Director and Professor

“Beth Rosen is a very creative, inspirational writer with inner vision for a happy world.” – Yogi Ramesh Pandey, World Famous “Laughing Yogi” and Guru Celebrity to the Stars.

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