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It’s Movie Making Madness!

In order to help aspiring writers, actors, directors and filmmakers get their start in film, the Back Door to Hollywood has slashed it’s online movie course for 2 days only by 50%!

You can stop waiting for your lucky break and  learn how to be in movies right now!  This course is honestly a steal! You’ll discover step by step how to write, produce and star in your own movie and get It on the big screen from someone who has done it already: #1 best selling author, screenwriter, producer, filmmaker, actress, radio personality, attorney & Vice Chairwoman of the Hoboken International Film Festival, Beth Rosen.

Beth just finished co-producing Scavenger Killers starring multiple Academy/Emmy/Golden Globe winners/nominees and is now in pre-production and starring in one of her own feature films which is being shot in January and scheduled to be a red carpet premiere at a top ten film festival. She is involved in all aspects of film production, from the creative writing of the screenplay to producing, directing, editing and publicizing the film. You’ll get an insider look at what goes on behind the scenes and in front of the camera with secret tricks of the trade they do not teach in film school. Plus you’ll get access to Beth while she is actively involved in the filmmaking process. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. Offer is only good for 2 days and seats are limited.

Comprehensive Course

This is a one of a kind course replete with invaluable information designed to catapult you to success and get you up and running toward your dreams, including the following:

  • How to write a professional screenplay
  • How to do an elevator pitch to get the attention of the gatekeepers to Hollywood
  • How to produce a film and sizzle piece to showcase your talent
  • How to step onto the world stage and have fans falling at your feet
  • How to produce an independent film on a shoe string budget
  • Where to find free resources
  • Priceless filming and acting techniques
  • How to go viral on the internet
  • How to do green screen clips
  • Video tutorials on the basics of movie making to hone your craft
  • Step by step videos and instructions of how to create drama, comedy, horror and suspense
  • Hollywood hints and secret tricks of the trade to make a professionally polished film and create magical moments on screen
  • Case studies of blockbuster films
  • How to promote yourself and your film at film festivals, including press interview tips
  • Networking secrets on and off the red carpet to help you engage celebrities and industry people
  • Professional movie trailer tips and downloadable templates for DVD cover and slip cover creation
  • Press kit and film festival submission checklist
  • 100 free royalty free music loops for your movie
  • And much more!

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The Life Zone: Available NBCUniversal On Demand

Psychological Abortion Thriller:  Available NBCUniversal on Demand

The Life Zone is a psychological thriller about abortion. The premise:  Three women are kidnapped by a mysterious figure and held against their will for seven months until they all give birth simultaneously. I’ve seen the film and as you can see from the movie trailer, it’s absolutely riveting.

The film is written and produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio, a veteran filmmaker of over 15 movies and best-selling author (novels and legal books). It stars Academy Award and Emmy nominee Robert Loggia (Scarface, Independence Day, Big), Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles), Lindsey Haun (Broken Bridges, Shrooms, “True Blood”), Angela Little (American Pie Bandcamp, My Boss’s Daughter), Eric Etebari (The Lincoln Lawyer, An Affirmative Act, “Witchblade”), Thomas G. Waites (And Justice For All, The Thing), Nina Transfeld (The Great Fight) and Eileen Fulton (Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award; “As the World Turns”).

The film is now available on Demand at NBCUniversal. I highly recommend it.  Click here for more information.

Tips on How to Live Your Dream Now: From #1 Best Selling “Living Proof” Author Beth Rosen

You Have What it Takes to Make it in Hollywood

Never give up on your dreams.  If you really want to be a movie star, screenwriter or any of the other coveted roles in Hollywood, then get rid of all excuses and, in the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

The video above, “Running to the Light” by Beth Rosen, provides priceless enlightenment tips to help you transcend all negative thoughts so you can start running toward your dreams with unbridled excitement. The video is from the multi-media version of the #1 Besting Selling book, “Living Proof,” by “Secret” star and co-author of “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul” Lisa Nichols, and enlightened # best selling author, film producer/actress/screenwriter/songwriter/graphic designer/film editor/illustrator/radio personality/attorney/healer/yogi, Beth Rosen.  The video was written, produced, edited, acted by and filmed by Beth Rosen, who is now Vice Chair of the Hoboken International Film Festival, one of the ten biggest film festivals in the world.  For more information about Beth, please visit the About Page to this website.

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The Power of Montage and Music in Film: Just Believe – Figure Skating

Montage as a Powerful Editing Technique

Montage is a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to convey information in condensed time and space. It involves creative film editing and when combined with the right music, it can evoke powerful emotions in the audience. When that happens, they are likely to watch it over and over again and talk about it to others, which is what a filmmaker wants. Here is an example of an effective use of montage and music with respect to Figure Skating: Just Believe.

David Chappelle in the Actor’s Studio – What’s Wrong with Hollywood

David Chappelle talks about making it as an actor, becoming famous in Hollywood and his trip to Africa.  As David Chappelle says, “You can’t get unfamous … you can get infamous.” He also notes that you have to be very strong to make in Hollywood so brush off the rumors of people being “crazy.”  Sometimes it’s just the environment.

I always say, “If you can’t make sense of it, then make fun of it.” That’s why it’s important to maintain your sense of humor – and you can see from the video how David Chappelle has mastered this.

Some words of wisdom on the video and Hollywood: no matter what anyone says, just make sure that when you play the fame game, you set your boundaries ahead of time so you can enjoy the ride. 

Article Copyright © 2012 by Beth Rosen, Video Courtesy of Bravo on Youtube.

Top 10 Biggest Film Festivals: Hoboken International Film Festival Open for Submissions!


I highly recommend attending and submitting your film to Hoboken International Film Festival (“HIFF”), one of the top ten biggest film festivals in the world. The early bird deadline for submissions for screenplays, television pilots, narrative short films, narrative feature films and documentary films is November 15, 2012. Speaking from experience, it is a great networking event and can help to further your film career along at warp speed.

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: Now in its eighth year, the 2013 HIFF will be held May 31 to June 6, 2013 in New Jersey. A Gold Coast/Hudson River event, HIFF will showcase numerous film and TV stars.

With a celebrity jury comprised of Academy Award and Emmy winners, and powerhouse partners that have included MY9 & Fox News, The New York Post, CBS, Anheuser-Busch and Stella Artois, 101.9 RXP, the Marriott Hotel, Coca-Cola, Project Sandwich, Actor’s Connection, The Melting Pot, and TD Bank, HIFF is a worldwide renowned film festival. Showcasing the edgiest domestic and international movies and their filmmakers, HIFF will kick off on May 31, 2013 with The Filmmakers Reception and The Opening Night Screenings.

HIFF awards the winning filmmakers with cash prizes in the following jury award categories: Best Feature Film; Best Director (Feature Film); Best Screenplay (Feature Film); Best Actor (Feature Film); Best Actress (Feature Film); Best Short Film; Best Documentary; Best TV Pilot; Best Unproduced Screenplay. There are also awards given in several other categories. In addition, there is an audience award for Best of the Festival.

ORGANIZERS: Beth Rosen (Vice Chairwoman) ; Kenneth Del Vecchio (Chairman, Founder, Director); Stephanie Tonnon (Vice Chairwoman) ; Sydney Houllihan (Director, Screenplay Competition)


Priceless Film Production Tips from Eric Roberts

On Set with Eric Roberts

I was fortunate to be on set with Eric Roberts when I co-produced the psychic thriller, Scavenger Killers with critically acclaimed screenwriter and co-producer Kenneth Del Vecchio.

It was a great opportunity to learn from a seasoned actor who has been in countless movies and television shows and also nominated for an Academy award.

5 Film Production Tips from Eric Roberts

Here are some priceless tips he gave me while on set and I’m passing them along to you because he made a point to make sure I was taking notes:

1.  Cue Cards:  Always use cue cards instead of a teleprompter for actors because it is much easier for the actor to move around and act with cue cards. Why? Because the person holding the cue cards can move with the actor whereas the teleprompter must stay stationary and restricts the actor’s ability to move freely.  Regardless of which one you use, allow the actor enough time to rehearse with the cue cards or teleprompter before filming so that they get used to it.

2.  Fun on Set:  Always have fun on set no matter what is going on.  One of his ways to lighten the mood was to make a trumpeting sound before he started each new movie take.  It effortlessly broke the tension and lightened the mood.

3.  Cater to Your Stars:  Keep your movie stars happy and get them everything they need on set so they can do what they do best without getting stressed. That may mean a little work ahead of time. Call their agents or managers and ask them what they require on set.  Do they need a gym? Do they have special eating requirements?  Do they have a special drink they like?  You’ll be much better off if you address these things ahead of time so that you can plan ahead and enjoy their company rather than running in different directions last minute to attend to their needs. Also make sure you have a car ready at all times to take your stars where they want to go the moment they are done filming.

4.  Wardrobe:  Wardrobe your actors at least the day before they go on camera so you can deal with any wardrobe issues without racing the clock and without stressing out the actors. If you have any wardrobe issues that cannot be fixed before the filming starts, then adjust your camera angles so that any ill fitting parts of the wardrobe do not appear on film.

5.  Removing the Suit JacketWhen you film an actor seated at a desk, it is sometimes wise to take off the suit jacket or it will bunch up and appear sloppy on camera. If the jacket is critical to the scene, you can drape it on the chair he is sitting on or on a nearby hanger.

Thank you Eric Roberts for your seasoned advice!

Copyright © 2012 by Beth Rosen

Becoming a Production Assistant on a Movie May Land You a Role in It

Direct Experience is the Greatest Teacher

You can study, read books and take courses to get up to speed but there’s certainly one thing that will catapult you to warp speed success and that’s experience.  There’s no doubt about it, direct experience is the greatest teacher.

So if you want to break into Hollywood and you get the opportunity to become a Production Assistant on a film, especially if it has award winning actors, writers, producers and/or directors, thank you’re lucky stars because you are that much closer to becoming one yourself.

As New York Times  #1 best selling author T. Harv Eker says, “80% is just showing up,” and as I say, “the other 20% is showing off.”  That means strutting your stuff, being a positive high energy person and becoming indispensable on set as a go-to person and getting things done.

Not only will you learn tricks of the trade while you’re on set, but you will meet like-minded people in the film business who can help move your career along.  There’s also an additional juicy benefit and that comes from just being in the right place at the right time. What is that you may ask.  Well, believe it or not, you may be casted in a role in the film, especially if you’ve proven yourself and you stand out to the writer, director and/or producer.

Success Stories

Congratulations to live wire Morgan Weinstein (photo above left) for her hard work as a Production Assistant and being casted as a dead woman, and Line Producer Elana Mugdan (photo to right) for her unwavering dedication and getting casted on the spot as a cult member and giving one of the best shot and killed performances that day. You guys rocked it!  The film is Scavenger Killers, co-written and produced by critically acclaimed independent film producer Kenneth Del Vecchio, co-produced by Beth Rosen (me) and directed by Dylan Bank.  The film stars various Academy and Emmy award winners/nominees, including Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia and Charles Durning, and is scheduled to be a red carpet premier at the 2013 Hoboken International Film Festival May 31st.

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7 Ways to Conquer the Creative Block When Writing a Screenplay

Creative Blocks

It’s very common for writers to get a creative block so don’t worry if you encounter one.  I’ll tell you a secret.  Creative blocks are really not blocks at all. They’re actually building blocks. Sometimes you can look at something so long that your mind gets locked into one vantage point and myopic vision can blind you.  If you can’t think of anything else and you’ve been staring at that blank page for a long time, chances are you put yourself in a box and the truth is there is no box.  There’s no need to limit yourself or your mind.

A creative block is actually an invitation to play with creative energy.  Sometimes you may just need to change your angle of vision and another creative burst occurs effortlessly.  So don’t get stuck on yuck. Learn to go with the flow. When you do, you’re likely to ride another creative wave that can take your script to the next level.

7 Ways to Move through a Creative Block

Here are 7 ways to  move through a creative block.

1.  Stop what you’re doing and do something else.  The moment you do, you relax and allow the creative energy to flow through you unobstructed. 

2.  Forget about your screenplay and either go for a walk or exercise to shake off the block.  Physical exercise stimulates the brain and your creative juices.

3.  Call a friend and talk about anything and everything.  Sometimes conversation can shake those cobwebs loose and your friend may say something that triggers a new direction in your screenplay that is just pure genius. 

4.  Do something fun or something you like. When you’re in a good mood, your creative energy goes through the roof.

5.  Watch television, a favorite movie or some Youtube movie video clips.  Visual stimulation in the field you are working in is a sure fire way to get your brain firing in the right direction.

6.  Search your memory banks for good moments from your past. See if you can incorporate anything from your past into your screenplay. 

7. Let go of the screenplay for as long as it takes until you get a creative flash of genius.  That creative flash may be a snapshot of your film on the big screen in the future and it can propel you forward at warp speed in writing your script.

Copyright © 2012 by Beth Rosen

What You Need to Make a SAG-AFTRA Film

What is SAG-AFTRA?

SAG-AFTRA  is the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which is a combined union dedicated to protecting media artists. They include actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, dj’s, news writers, news directors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and other media professionals.

SAG-AFTRA Requirements

If you plan on making a SAG-AFTRA Film, meaning you will be hiring members of the union, you will need to become a SAG-AFTRA signatory and conform to the requirements of SAG-AFTRA, including paying minimum amounts to its members in your film, executing various legal documents, putting the actors on payroll and submitting certain forms pre- and post-production. There are different requirements depending on the type of film you plan on making (i.e. theatrical, low budget, modified low budget, ultra low budget, student film or short film). For more information and to obtain the appropriate signatory package, you can visit


If you’re serious about a career in Hollywood, then don’t wait another minute. Table all negative thoughts and get started right now with some free advice and e-books.

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