Best Movie Quotes of All Times

Memorable Moments on Film

There are some lines from movies that are so great that they stick with us for a lifetime and we repeat them over and over again. If you can write one into your script and deliver it on film, you will be immortalized in movie making history and the minds of your fans forever.

Here’s a sample of some great movie quotes to help you get in the right frame of mind when writing your own film.   Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments and share.


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Where to Create a Free DVD, CD or Book Cover

Free 3D Cover Maker for DVD’s, CD’s and Books

Packaging is everything in Hollywood and that includes a great DVD cover for your movie.  Once you have chosen the design for your DVD cover, you may want to put a 3D image of it on your website.   You can create and download that 3D image in minutes for free using 2 websites I found. If you plan to sell your DVD’s, CD’s or books online, these are great resources so I recommend you bookmark the websites.

For the first website (, you need to have created your own DVD image to create the 3D version. Once you create the 3D image at this site, it allows you the flexibility to rotate the image to your liking so you can see different angles of the front, back or side of the DVD cover.  It even lets you rotate the image so it’s vertical or horizontal, depending on your preference. The second website ( allows you the flexibility to create your own 3D cover from scratch using their backgrounds and images or alternatively to upload your own but you cannot rotate the image.

Screen Shot Tip for 3D Cover Creation on

The bottom right image is the original design (front, back and side) for the DVD cover of my film, Photo Finish. I took 3 screen shots of my original design and uploaded them to the site for conversion into a 3D box.  Since you will need a separate image to upload for the front, the back and the side of the box image, taking screenshots is an easy short cut. The top left image is the 3D version of the same DVD cover.  It gives you an idea of what the online DVD case can look like when you’re done. Feel free to comment and share with others.

by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved

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Spotlight Interview by Beth Rosen: In the Director’s Chair with Mark Sklawer

Mark Sklawer in the Director’s Chair on Spotlight Radio on, by the Arts for the Arts

Beth Rosen, host of Spotlight Radio on, gets director, writer, producer Mark Sklawer in the director’s chair to talk about his visionary filmmaking with samples of his music. Mark talks about how he got into directing film with some great tips for aspiring filmmakers. You can listen to the radio podcast below and please feel free to leave comments.



by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved

Why the Blockbuster Happy Ending Works in Dirty Dancing – Time of My Life

Happy Endings Speak to the Heart and Soul of the Audience

Blockbuster movies follow a proven formula, taking you step by step to a story climax – the point of irreversible change  where the final conflict is resolved. If filmed correctly, it will speak directly to the heart and soul of the audience and will draw them into the world of the characters so much so that they leave with the same visceral feeling the characters experience.  In the happy ending, viewers walk out of the movie feeling so good that they can’t stop talking about it and go back to see the movie over and over again.

Why the Movie Dirty Dancing Works

Dirty Dancing was a box office smash.  It combined several different winning plot lines, including forbidden love, maturation or coming of age, rescue and transformation.  The climax of the story, where Johnny returns to rescue Baby and dance with her on stage, resolves many conflicts that leave the audience feeling hopeful. Why? Because not only does boy rescue and win the girl in one of the best romantic moments on film, but good triumphs over evil on several levels:  ethical behavior is rewarded and unethical behavior is punished, truth prevails over false allegations and ego-based lies, the underdogs are given their shining moments on stage, and forbidden love is finally free to express itself.

Notice how you feel when you watch the end of the Dirty Dancing video. Not only does the story work but also the music.  Bottom line, Dirty Dancing ignites in you that same romantic spark and passionate fire that the characters experience. That is why it works.


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by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved

How to Look Like Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie: Video Make-up Tutorial

Look the Part of a Hollywood Star

Hollywood is glamour. There’s no doubt about it. The right make-up will not only make you feel good but it will boost your confidence which naturally attracts the attention of others.

If you’re going to walk the red carpet, then you should look the part so you get the attention of the press.  With that in mind, here’s a quick video tutorial on how to get the glam girl look of Angelina Jolie. Don’t forget to take pictures of yourself all gussied up when you’re done so you can promote yourself on social media sites and strut your stuff Hollywood style!


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5 Tips to Make a Successful Movie Teaser

Importance of a Teaser/Sizzle Piece

Every movie should have a teaser or sizzle piece to entice potential viewers to go see you film. You can create your movie teaser before or after you are done filming.  One reason to create a sizzle piece before you actually film is to get investors to finance your creative endeavor.

The important thing is to always have it uploaded onto the internet so you can show someone. You never know when the right person will walk into your life so always be prepared with a great log line and a killer movie teaser you can show them on your smart phone.

5 Important Elements of a Successful Teaser

  1. Make sure it captures your genre. Remember content is king but content is queen. That means if it’s a comedy, make sure your teaser is funny and makes your audience laugh. If it’s a suspense thriller, make sure you convey suspense. If it’s a romance, make sure you include a romantic moment that speaks to the heart.
  2. Keep it engaging, short and moving from clip to clip.  Many successful sizzle pieces are actually 50 seconds. The standard Hollywood teaser is 2 minutes or shorter.
  3. Use music that plays to your audience and elicits the desired emotional response. Make sure it’s professional and blockbuster quality music.
  4. Don’t give away the story.  Just wet their appetite. Show them enough to entice them to come see the movie.
  5. Include some of the best or most exciting shots in the teaser. If you have stars in the movie, make sure you include them in the teaser.

Here’s a sample movie teaser I did for my film Photo Finish. Some film festivals actually contacted me to submit my film to their festivals after seeing it on social media sharing sites.

by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved

Five Reasons to Produce an Independent Film

The Importance of Film Festivals

A film festival is a great way to showcase your talent as an actor, a writer, a producer, a director or a filmmaker.  If you want to break into Hollywood, particularly if you are an actor or writer, the independent film circuit is a ticket in.

Here are five great reasons you should produce your own independent film. The payoff is enormous.

Five Reasons to Produce Your Own Independent Film

  • When you produce your own movie, you can also act in it without having to audition.  You instantly become a star and can proudly walk the red carpet with other stars. Publicity is paramount in becoming a celebrity and film festivals push you right into the limelight and press.
  • If your film is accepted to film festivals, you instantly gain credibility and respect in the industry, especially if you get into one of the top 25 or top 10 biggest film festivals in the world like I did.
  • You get instant access to network with the right people. Celebrity stars, producers and directors attend film festivals with their own films so you can get up close and personal with them. You can learn insider secrets and build relationships with them.  Always bring business cards and be able to deliver a logline about your film that hooks them in seconds because they will ask you what your film is about. If you can cut to the chase without chasing them away, you may be able to open another door. At the Garden State Film Festival, I got up close and personal with the Sugar Hill Gang. Master Gee and HenDogg even plugged my radio show on video!  At the Sunscreen Film Festival, after I spoke up in a workshop, established television and film actor Michael Roberts approached me and asked for my card and then emailed me to stay in touch! And by the way, that’s me with Ed Asner in the picture. At the Hoboken International Film Festival, I met tons of actors, producers and press people who I stayed in contact with and two months later, I got called to co-produce a full length feature film with Ken Del Vecchio starring Academy/Emmy/Golden Globe winners/nominees. During the production of that film, I not only landed a small acting part in it, but I got up close and personal with everyone involved in the film, including Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia and the financial backers plus I became Vice Chairperson of the Hoboken International Film Festival, which is one of the ten biggest film festivals in the world.
  • If you meet an influential person in Hollywood or a person with ties to the “right people” and you either show them your movie trailer (on your smart phone) or hand them a DVD of your film which was an official selection at a film festival, they are more likely to watch it and engage with you, particularly if you can deliver a knock out logline that hooks them.  They will instantly know that you have what it takes to make it because you did what it takes to make it – which is persevere until you had a finished professional product. Success attracts success.
  • Film festivals are fun.  You get to party Hollywood style with Hollywood celebrities.  When I went to the Garden State Film Festival, I took my video camera so I could get hi-lights of the festival and then I put together a quick teaser for them.  It gives you an idea of how exciting the film festival circuit could be!

I would love to hear your stories if you’ve been to a film festival or have any questions about them so feel free to comment below.


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by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved


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