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The Importance of a Movie Teaser To Raise Money for Investors: MegaBall$

Words of Wisdom From Marc Baron, Writer/Producer/Filmmaker/Director/Actor/Musician/SAG-AFTRA Board Member In our efforts to raise finances for our comedy, MegaBall$, we felt it was imperative to have something visual to offer potential investors. After all, film is a visual medium. We … Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Press Interview

Always Be Prepared All publicity is good in Hollywood so if you get the opportunity to be interviewed by the press, be prepared. If you are going to a red carpet event, look for the press so you can get … Continue reading

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Hoboken Film Festival: Real Radio Show Interviews Beth Rosen About Photo Finish Comedy

by Beth Rosen, Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved … Continue reading

Where to Create a Free DVD, CD or Book Cover

Free 3D Cover Maker for DVD’s, CD’s and Books Packaging is everything in Hollywood and that includes a great DVD cover for your movie.  Once you have chosen the design for your DVD cover, you may want to put a … Continue reading

5 Tips to Make a Successful Movie Teaser

Importance of a Teaser/Sizzle Piece Every movie should have a teaser or sizzle piece to entice potential viewers to go see you film. You can create your movie teaser before or after you are done filming.  One reason to create … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Produce an Independent Film

The Importance of Film Festivals A film festival is a great way to showcase your talent as an actor, a writer, a producer, a director or a filmmaker.  If you want to break into Hollywood, particularly if you are an … Continue reading